Carbon Offsets – Carbon Footprint to Carbon Fingerprint, Part I

Chances are, you’ve got nothing against the environment. You may not be fully committed to a “go green” campaign, but it’s not like you’re out there personally chopping down trees or purposefully polluting the atmosphere.

Or are you? Did you know that the average person creates 48,488 pounds of carbon every year, just by going about daily life? That adds up to the loss of about 110 trees or the equivalent of adding four more cars on the road every year.

Starting to rethink that idea of “going green?”

Enter: Carbon Offsets. Carbon offsets are one way of reducing your carbon footprint and counteracting the negative environmental impact that your lifestyle has on our planet. Carbon offsets are purchased “credits” that go towards green initiatives, such as reforestation or solar/wind energy projects, and in turn, compensate for harmful carbon emissions. The more you offset, the closer you come to a carbon neutral lifestyle and the more you help our world.

Want to give the “carbon offsets” idea some further thought?  Stay tuned to this space.  This Thursday, we’ll have more info on carbon offsets and how to turn your carbon footprint into a fingerprint.

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