Canadians to Pay More to Heat Homes This Winter Season

As the holiday shopping season begins, think about putting some money aside for your home’s natural gas costs, as well as your Christmas presents. According to the National Energy Board, homeowners should expect to pay more to heat their homes this winter. A slow growing North American economy and an increase in demand means higher gas prices for your furnace and your vehicle too! Prices for natural gas are expected to range between $2.75 and $3.25 per gigajoule and crude prices are to be between US$85 and US$95 a barrel.

The good news is that you can better manage your energy consumption and costs by investing in energy efficient products that lower your heating expenses, while maintaining standard performance expectations. An old and depleted furnace can actually end up costing you more to heat your home, as it requires more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. By purchasing a new furnace, you’ll see a return on investment each month through lowered utility costs. Furnaces that require less energy produce less pollution, so you’re helping the environment too.

When you choose an energy efficient furnace, you may also benefit from:

  • Quiet equipment designed with innovative, sound reducing features
  • Even air flow throughout your home, eliminating hot and cold spots
  • Cleaner air with revolutionary air filtration systems

Even more, some companies, such as Just Energy, offer programs that help you avoid the hassle and confusion of fluctuating energy market prices. Their MyTime™ Electricity plan stabilizes your time-of-use price by capping rates at a manageable level. Instead of paying a different rate based on the time of day, you pay the same rate all day.

Just Energy also offers green energy options as well as eco-friendly products that help home and business owners better manage their home energy consumption and lower their environmental footprint. To learn more, visit



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